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LCF Clubs

LCF was established in 1985 teaching languages with an innovative method based on the way children naturally learn languages. We are the UK’s largest provider of after school clubs with more than 5000 centres. The business has also grown internationally. We are now seeking to recruit master franchisees worldwide, a role that is already established in other countries including Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, Spain, Hungary, Macedonia and Morocco

While the focus of our franchises is child learning we have programs available for all ages in English, French or Spanish. We avoid over reliance on book based learning and have developed innovative web based materials to make learning fun. Our clubs operate in schools and in rented venues.

  • As you would expect a master franchise offers the possibility of greater revenue generation than a standard franchise. The revenue of a master franchise comes from franchise sales, a monthly franchise service fee, student inscriptions plus commission on subscriptions within the master franchise territory.

Master Franchise Bedeli / Master Franchise Fee:  100,000 euro

Kullanım Bedeli / Usage Fee: 10%

Ortalama Kar Oranı / Average Profit Percentage: 200%